35 new LISTO leaders graduated in Puebla

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In September, 35 new LISTO leaders have graduated in Huauchinango, Puebla. These public school principals and supervisors just completed the LISTO Program, which was filled with many satisfactory learning experiences.

At the end of the last training session, Barbara Brown, who worked alongside Monica Duran as the coaches of this group, reminded the participants of Gandhi’s famous quote: “You must be the change you want to see in the world”. This phrase had been cited throughout the induction week and especially reflects each participant’s path of learning as well as emphasizes that each one should be the change they want to see in their schools. Therefore, transformation begins with change.   

“Change in the school culture, which is this program’s backbone, occurs at the moment when there is a change in each one of us…. It’s not outside, it’s not in the students, it’s not in the parents, it’s not in the community, it’s in each one of you,” Barbara said.

She also said that this was only the beginning of the program, that it was just about to start, “Today a great responsibility begins: the responsibility and commitment with the personal, social, and transcendent development of each one of you and your students”. She also added, “There are no obstacles that prevent the transformation of the school culture; and there are no obstacles that prevent helping students to develop their own personal life project.”

Barbara and Monica extended an invitation to the participants as they closed the program’s last topic, which focused on personal character and emotional self-management. The invitation was for participants to develop an internal, retrospective analysis of their attitudes, their ways of being and behaviour. From this activity, participants concluded that everything is possible if it is established as a goal.

“What we can do with the stumbling blocks we encounter in life depends on us, and depends on what we want to be and what we want to do. Remember that in your educational work the most important thing is to give what you are and not what you have and that’s the true educational leader,” Coach Brown concluded.

Alongside the LISTO coaches, the certificate ceremony was attended by Álvaro Álvarez Barragán, Undersecretary of Mandatory Education SEP Puebla; Maricruz Bourillón, Educando’s LISTO Academic Coordinator; Eduardo Castelán Armendáriz, Director of Normal Fidel Meza and Sánchez; Carlos Lechuga Castelán, CATEP Huauchinango Coordinator; María de Lourdes Muñoz Loyola, Head of Sector 5 of General Primary Schools; Marcelo Morales Martínez, Head of Sector 4 Huauchinango of Indigenous Primary Schools; Gabriel Álvaro Lorenzo, Municipal President of Huauchinango; Beatriz Huerta Gutiérrez, Academic Advisor of the General Academic Coordination of the Undersecretary of Obligatory Education.

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