Educando & Apple: Joint workshop for public school teachers in São Paulo

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On August 25, Educando and Apple joined together to offer their first joint workshop for public school teachers, hosted at the Apple store in São Paulo as part of their program “Today at Apple”.

The event was led by two trainers, one from our program STEM Brasil and one from Apple, where all participants had the chance to learn and interact with iPads and Apple apps. STEM Brasil teacher trainer Marcelo Carelli proposed an activity combining musical elements and math, a fun way to understand sound wave and frequency, using Apple’s popular app Garage Band. Later, Apple instructor Glen Uenaka, introduced the teachers to programming techniques using Apple’s Keynote app. 
Thank you, Apple for receiving us in your home! It was a great start. We support inclusion and offering public school teachers the opportunity to become familiar with Apple products and its technology conveys with our mission. We look forward to the next events!

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