Educando at International Congress on Science, Technology and Competencies Training

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On October 25-27, Educando participated in the VIII International Congress on Science, Technology and Competencies Training (CIFCOM), with took place in Cancun, Mexico. 

Three consecutive days brought together academic professionals, students, researchers and civil society organizations to address issues on the training and management of human talent in science and technology fields for greater social inclusion and educational coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Eduardo Flores Salinas, STEM Mexico Coordinator, presented the STEM Brasil and STEM Mexico under the title: Educando’s New Holistic Educational Model for Latin America. The programs are based on experimental learning adapt to each local context, in which students become protagonist of the learning environment through projects that integrate technology and engineering.

“It contemplates elements of the environment, as well as the particular needs of the region and the solutions of problems, respecting the official curriculum guidelines,” says Eduardo.

Launched in 2009, STEM Brasil has been present in 17 states and 670 schools; it has trained 4,690 teachers and impacted over 500 thousand students. In Mexico, the program was recently launched in August, 2017, and in this initial phase it has already trained 80 teachers from 10 schools of the state of Campeche.

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