siSTEMa Educando in México


The first of Educando’s programs to be scaled internationally, siSTEMa Educando in México has started its operation in the state of Campeche in September 2018.

The program was adapted from the STEM Brasil program to be fully relevant in Mexican reality. It provides teachers with hands-on training in new techniques to enliven the mandatory science and math curriculum with innovation, technology, creativity, and local context.

These techniques focus on project-based learning – the use of practical activities to facilitate the learning of concepts and theory. In this framework, students collaborate on projects and work together to solve problems, while the teacher plays the role of facilitator. Thus, students develop an active role in the classroom.

The training has four subject areas: physics, chemistry, biology, and math. Workplace 21st century skills – problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, and communication – are also incorporated in the activities.

The strength of siSTEMa Educando in México lies in its long-term investment in human capital. Trainers are prepared to give teachers individualized assistance to inspire added confidence, thus increasing the number of STEM activities they execute with their students.

Program Development

Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City

  • Workshop “siSTEMa Educando Nights”
  • Attended by 130 teachers

State of Campeche

  • 10 participating schools
  • 120 trained teachers
  • 11,201  benefited students

Mexico City

  • Workshop “Institute of Upper Middle Education of the Federal District: IEMS”.
  • Participation of 15 teachers and educational authorities (Secretariat of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of Mexico City (SECTEI).
  • 50 benefited students