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You are critical to the mission of transforming the landscape of education in Latin America. The proven success of Educando’s programs hand in hand with fantastic partners like you, will allow us to have a greater, more far-reaching impact that is scalable and sustainable for years to come.

Creating Shared Value

Joining forces with Educando in this shared mission will blend your organization’s goals with our programmatic objectives. Our collaboration will demonstrate your company’s values and social responsibility to stakeholders. In fact, companies that commit to philanthropy enjoy higher employee morale, a stronger public image, and stronger customer loyalty. Institutional support is critical to our success, so we help our partners across the globe reach business objectives while supporting Educando’s mission.

There are four main pathways of collaboration…  

… And whichever you choose, our work together will scale our impact and meet our shared goals!

Our Partners are those generous corporations and individuals who support our shared mission with significant monetary contributions. Educando’s programs, all of the educators and students affected, the impact that has been made is thanks to the many partners who have supported us along the way. We have been honored to lock arms with generous individuals and corporations who share our vision. Join this winning team. Partner with Educando today!

Engaging employees in making a charitable impact is a great way to foster community morale, retain employees, and fundraise for a great cause. Educando partners with companies around the world through employee fundraising campaigns, payroll giving, workplace engagement opportunities, employee donation matching, and more.

Ready to kickstart your fundraising campaign today? Check out all the resources you’ll need to mobilize your fundraising campaign.

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Investing grant funds in Educando provides essential support for our programs. Small businesses, start-ups, and multinational corporations partner with Educando to create a proven, sustainable impact on not only the lives of students and teachers but the entire educational system in Latin America.

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Our programs rely on supporters’ generous contributions of STEM tools, technology, and training supplies. This maximizes the efficiency of our work and our ability to expand our impact. Due to the varied needs and requirements of each country of operation, we evaluate each in-kind gift opportunity by case basis.


Educando acknowledges your company’s investments in ways that best fit your interests and strategic goals. Acknowledgments carry depending on the level of support and your company’s interests.

Benefits we offer include:

  • Regular reporting on the impact of our partnership.
  • Photos, videos, and stories connecting your employees and customers to our work in Brazil and Mexico.
  • Recognition of your organization on social media, our website, and at global fundraising events.
  • Support of your public relations efforts.
  • Tools to support an employee engagement campaign
  • Invitation to see our work in action
  • Access to Educando leadership, and much more.


Thank you for your interest in making a lasting change in education! We will be in touch with you soon to discuss our partnership.