Educando Award Dinner celebrates results of 2017

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Over the last 15 years, Educando has become an influential international network of committed global citizens who believe in the power of education. On June 8, we were proud to share our accomplishments at the 2017 Education Leadership Award Dinner: 8,000 educators and nearly 4.4 million students impacted by our three programs: IAPE, LISTO and STEM Brasil.

Improving the quality of education in Latin America is not an individual task. Our gratitude for those who have been so important in supporting our programs was symbolized by honoring two outstanding individuals for their remarkable contributions to education in their countries:

Agustín Coppel Luken makes education a priority in his leadership at Grupo Coppel in Mexico.

Fábio Colletti Barbosa seeks to bring educational values to the forefront of the Brazilian national discussion.

Educando is thankful for the 350 friends in the room who joined us in applauding our honorees. We invite you to continue sharing your enthusiasm for Educando. It takes all of us to keep inspiring teachers to create the leaders of tomorrow.


Kelly Maurice
Educando Executive Director

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