United States

Educando was incorporated in New York on December 9, 2002. It is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the Internal Revenue Service. 


Educando was registered as a Civil Association in Mexico on May 22, 2008 and was granted tax deductible status on December 8, 2008. Financials for Mexico are consolidated with the US financials, which are audited in the US.


Associação Educando Brasil was registered in Brazil in July of 2008. Financials for Brazil are consolidated with the US financials, which are audited in the US. 

Code of ethics

  • All of our activities are focused on our mission of supporting quality education for impoverished communities/children.We are truthful in our broadcast, print and direct mail advertising, using actual, current case histories and photography with honest statements of purpose. We neither minimize nor overstate the human needs of those whom we assist.
  • We will neither sell nor exchange, with any other agency or commercial enterprise, the information of sponsors and contributors on our mailing lists.
  • We support financial reporting in accordance with the requirements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and will publish and disclose on request to any person, agency or the media our complete and independently audited financial statements.
  • We refuse to engage in fundraising methods that are intimidating, harassing or misleading, that are not subject to adequate control, or that create an undue sense of obligation such as mailing unsolicited merchandise or canisters; paid canvassing; telephone solicitation to the general public; combining appeals with commercial sales which do not define specific benefits to the agency; conducting misleading campaigns or events; and paying for or making use of insincere endorsements.
  • We demonstrate respect for the integrity, pride, beliefs and culture of the people whom we serve, respecting their dignity. We will not denigrate them in our advertising and promotion.
  • Our objective in all our efforts is to further the good of the children, their families and communities who are in need and to raise the resources required to assist them; and to increase the goodwill and support of our constituents and the public on the one hand, and of the people and governments of the nation’s we serve on the other.
  • We are governed by a Board of Directors, serving without compensation, operating under bylaws ensuring adequate voting trusteeship, and whose members have no financial or other conflict of interest with the goals of the organization. We receive and act upon critical advice from an Advisory board, comprised of prominent experts from around the world, in various fields of activity.
  • We are committed to a policy and practice of full public disclosure of all relevant information concerning agency goals, programs, finances and governance.
  • All officers and employees of Educando must comply with all the laws in force in the countries in which Educando operates across the world, including local rules, regulations, and standards, especially anti-corruption and anti-bribery legislation.
  • We always act in compliance with our obligations and those of Educando – whether based on laws, regulations enacted by government bodies and agencies, or based on the bylaws or other internal policy documents.
  • We do not, directly or indirectly, offer or authorize any inducement,  amount, facilitation or good to influence any government authority or other individuals for the purpose of obtaining an undue advantage, nor do we accept or will ever accept any inducement, financial or otherwise for this purpose.
  • We do not directly or indirectly, practice or support any act that encourages or finances terrorist activities and / or any illegal activities.
  • We, officers and/or employees, do not accept or receive, directly or indirectly, any advantage or undue benefit arising from contracts signed with governmental authorities or with private entities.
  • Educando’s officers and employees have the right to participate in external activities, if and when such participation does not constitute a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest occurs when the officer or employee has professional or personal interests that create an impediment to fulfill their obligations with due impartiality and according to all relevant laws, regulations, standards or policies.

Financial and legal documents

Form 990

Educando’s 2017
Form 990 for the fiscal year ending September 2018