Legacy Program: IAPE


IAPE Announcement 2020

IAPE (Inter American Partnership for Education) was Educando’s first program, developed by a very special partnership with Dartmouth College’s Rassias Center.

Educando is no longer offering IAPE, but is extremely proud of the legacy the program left for the Mexican public education system: since 2007, over 2,600 teachers in over 5,000 public schools have participated in IAPE programs, reaching over 3 million students!

In addition to the many opportunities IAPE created for teachers and students, it has brought joy to the hearts of over 100 IAPE instructors and, of course, to all of us at Educando and the Rassias Center.

Stories from the Field

All across Latin América, countless individuals transformed their lives, their schools, and their communities.  Here are just a few of their stories.


Through its innovative teacher training program, the Inter-American Partnership for Education (IAPE) has inspired and opened doors for Mexican public school students by building, preparing and supporting a network of leaders in English language teaching. IAPE is a partnership of Educando and Dartmouth College’s Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures.

In 2007, Educando identified the region’s key need – teacher quality – and moved nimbly to address it. IAPE was a timely and perfect answer. We began to roll-out intensive training programs for English language teachers in the area’s vast public school systems. Thus, IAPE became the foundational program that introduced Educando as an educational change-maker.

IAPE has been recognized by diverse institutions in Mexico and the United States for the quality and impact of its programs. IAPE offered three distinct programs of English teacher training and provided continuous reinforcement through in-person workshops, the online IAPE Virtual Learning Community Forum, and a two-year mentoring program. 

IAPE in Action

The commitment and support of the IAPE community did not end there– in fact, it began – at the conclusion of each IAPE session. The IAPE Virtual Learning Community provided all participants with a vehicle through which to communicate with their colleagues and IAPE program staff, to share and report best practices, and to support each other through the challenges of implementing new pedagogical practices.

IAPE Features the Rassias® Method

The Rassias Method was developed by world-renowned language professor, John A. Rassias at Dartmouth College in the 1960s. The Rassias Method is a rigorous, interactive, and highly effective system for teaching languages that banishes inhibitions and fosters authentic communication. It is based on the premise that students speak to learn rather than learn to speak. The Rassias Method has trained more than 165,000 Peace Corps Volunteers in languages, as well as countless students and teachers throughout the world.

IAPE Program Profile

  • Launched in: 2007

  • Location: All 31 states in Mexico

  • Participating schools: 5,162

  • Trained teachers: 2,617

  • Impacted students: 3,002,401

Program Sponsors

Educando is thankful for the generous support for IAPE, provided by numerous individuals and the following supporters:

  • Bio-PAPPEL

  • Claudio X. González Laporte

  • Comunidad Coppel

  • Cummins, Inc.

  • Fundación Encuentra Tu Camino Amigo, A.C.

  • Fundación ESRU

  • Fundación GBM I.A.P.

  • HSBC

  • The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Inc.

  • Promotora Social México

  • Steve Shindler

  • United States Embassy in Mexico