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Educando created an easy and entertaining way to learn more about its work. The new video series called “Inspiring Teachers, Creating Leaders” shares testimonies about education, our programs and Educando’s initiatives in general.

In our first episode we had Professor Joel Goldfield talking about the strategic partnership between Educando and Dartmouth College’s Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures. The IAPE program, short for the Inter-American Partnership for Education, aims to empower English teachers in public schools across Mexico, providing teachers with the tools to learn and teach English efficiently. Using the Rassias Method® students are immersed in fast-paced classes focused on speaking while using theatric techniques. This learning methodology seeks to substitute the “you learn, then you do” with “you do, then you learn”.

The most successful language teachers use interwoven, overlapping activities that appeal to multiple learning styles, says Prof. Joel Goldfield.

Joel is a prestigious language professor and an expert in oral proficiency and language teaching methodologies. He is a former student and colleague of John Rassias, creator of the Rassias Method®. 

Inspiring Teachers Creating Leaders | Ep. 1: “IAPE – A partnership in Education”.  Watch video here.

The second episode has Dr Steven Atkins answering the question, “What is the purpose of education?” Professor Steven is a longtime IAPE collaborator and is a world-renowned psychologist, school consultant and dynamic presenter to IAPE teachers in both Mexico and the USA for the Rassias Center. He highlights the importance of students knowing what is the real purpose of education.

Teachers are usually required to get through some material…but most of the time they don’t take the chance to help students to think of what is the real purpose of an education, explains Dr. Steven Atkins.

Inspiring Teachers, Creating Leaders | Ep. 2: “What is the purpose of education?”  Watch video here.

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