Since the beginning of the program, in 2009, LISTO is in constant change and continuous improvement, to always keep up to date with the requirements and provisions of the SEP, as well as with the priority educational issues (Positive Discipline, Socioemotional Aspect, Personal Skills, Humanism, among others). Proof of this is its evolution in the generation of content, previously produced by third parties, but now they are their own.

In addition to evolving according to the context and technological advances, the participants’ manuals have also stopped being printed and our educational platform LISTO Leaders is now being used. In addition, we started our virtual community. For 2014, the first activities were developed in the Inverted Class modality, taking advantage of the benefits of new technologies.

For 2015 and 2016, we looked for a way to expand the program, thus seeking the advice of specialists in the area (ITESM and McKinsey Company), giving rise to the development of the program, establishing by mid-2016 the mixed mode, bringing together the best of two worlds, face-to-face and online training.

In 2017, based on years of experience and analyzing the needs of our beneficiaries, we took on the task of transcending even more, to offer an additional benefit, “an academic degree”, recognizing the training process offered by us. Therefore, this year a new stage of development begins, the recognition of the master’s degree. Thus, in 2018, the enrollment process for our Educational Model begins with the Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE).

In mid-2019 and after an exhaustive review by the responsible entity, this recognition was given to us, thus realizing the dream of forming leaders and having this training professionally recognized. Thus, we created the MAE: Master in Educational Monitoring and, consequently, the Higher Education Training and Studies Institute (ICAES), for which it is offered.