The LISTO program trains and offers personalized assistance to public school employees in Mexico, including principals, technical advisors, pedagogical advisors, supervisors, division heads and educational support staff, working and developing with them the different standards of transformative leadership, which are:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • School Culture 
  • Personal Development

Through theoretical classes, practical training and coaching, it seeks to form leaders who generate effective learning environments that involve teachers, family and the community, to work on the best learning outcomes.

LISTO has 4 areas, which allow great performance and continuous improvement:

The program 

Through the Institute of Training and Higher Education (ICAES), LISTO presents the Master in Educational Monitoring (MAE), that is offered online.

MAE is a master’s program aimed at all licensed education professionals (certificate and document), who perform functions in the various areas and levels of academic or social development of the community and / or interested in carrying out master’s studies that allow them to develop their competencies needed to propose and implement methodologies that help to improve institutional culture through educational support.

The Master in Educational Monitoring has 1200 hours in 2 years distributed in:

  • Initial intensive preparation
  • 20 subjects
  • 40 webinars
  • Personalized educational follow-up sessions (coaching)
  • Follow-up session by a coach with the work team of each participant
  • Networking sessions
  • Virtual Learning Community (CAV)

At the end of the master’s in educational Monitoring, the professional will have knowledge about:

  • Theoretical and methodological aspects of leadership and coaching
  • Metric tools to propose and implement educational changes
  • Educational data analysis system
  • Theoretical bases on student-focused learning methodologies
  • School culture transformation processes
  • Data collection and monitoring systems according to a strategic plan
  • Planning of teaching and learning strategies that helps the quality of education

Skills for:

  • Critically analyze the performance of teachers and directors, as well as academic practices within educational institutions
  • Create and articulate with your community a mission and a vision for the academic success of all people
  • Set high and achievable goals for teachers and students
  • Diagnose complex problems and identify challenges within strategic planning
  • Demonstrate management skills to meet the needs of all beneficiaries of educational programs
  • Propose improvements in academic performance, using multiple sources of information on the teaching-learning processes
  • Develop high-level strategies to ensure academic quality
  • Follow the educational agents of their communities in their personal and professional growth process
  • Favor the use of tools that facilitate the strategic management of educational centers

Ability to:

  • Lead multidisciplinary working groups
  • Solve complex problems and identify challenges within strategic planning
  • Take advantage of each person’s potential through educational follow-up
  • Use multiple sources of information effectively
  • Adapt to the educational, social and cultural context in which it works
  • Interact through educational support
  • Encourage collaborative work

    Program Profile

    Released in: 2009

    Number of Mexican states in which we are present: 15

    Number of schools: 5,991

    Number of Principals: 4,792

    Number of Teachers: 73,937

    Number of students impacted: 2,853,452

    Life Transformers Stories 

    Across Latin America, countless individuals are transforming their lives, their schools, and their communities.  Here are just a few of their stories.

    Program Supporters

    Educando is thankful for the generous support for LISTO provided by:

     Tenaris Tamsa

    • The Cummins Foundation
    • Compartamos-Gentera
    • K. Kellogg Foundation
    • Fundación Coppel
    • Familia González
    • Misión XXI