Educando inaugurated in 2019 in México its university institute: Instituto de Capacitación y de Estudios Superiores Educando (ICAES). In partnership with ICAES, Educando presents its online, 2-year LISTO MAE (RVOE 1277).  

LISTO MAE is directed towards academic professionals who seek a professional degree and certification focused on leadership, who perform functions in different areas and at various levels of academic development or in the larger community, as well as individuals interested in developing the necessary competencies to propose and implement methodologies to help improve the school and institutional culture through educational support.   

During the program’s two years, each participant will receive the educational support of a dedicated coach to accompany them, beginning with the leadership diagnostic, by applying the Educando tools tailored according to each specific profile.     

The Master’s of Educational Leadership consists of 1200 hours over the course of 2 years:

  • An Initial intensive preparation 
  • 20 areas of study
  • 40 webinars 
  • Personalized educational coaching sessions
  • Coaching sessions with each participant’s work group
  • Networking sessions
  • Virtual Learning Community (CAV)

Upon the conclusion of the Master’s in Educational Leadership, the student will be knowledgeable in:

  • The theoretical and methodological aspects of leadership and coaching 
  • Measurement tools to implement educational changes 
  • Data collection systems
  • A Theoretical learning foundation focused on the student 
  • Transformational processes for a school culture 
  • The compilation of systems and monitoring in accordance with a strategic plan
  • Strategic planning for teaching and learning to support the quality of the education

Developed skills:

  • Critical analysis of the performance of the teachers and leadership team,as well as various academic practices within the educational institutions 
  • Ability to create and articulate to the community a mission and vision for the academic success of all personnel 
  • Ability to set high and achievable goals for the teachers and students 
  • Complex problem diagnosis and identification of the challenges within strategic planning 
  • Show competency directives to resolve needs of all the program beneficiaries
  • Stimulate  better academic performance using multiple sources of information for teaching and learning processes
  • Develop high-level strategies to ensure academic excellence 
  • Support educational agents within the community with their personal and professional growth  
  • Assist educational agents with the use of tools which help the strategic management of the educational centers
  • Ability to Lead multidisciplinary work groups 
  • Solve complex problems and identify the challenges within the strategic planning 
  • Optimize the student’s potential through educational support
  • Use of multiple sources of information in an efficient manner  
  • dapt to the educational, social and cultural context in which the professional is working 
  • Implement educational support 
  • Promote collaborative work ethic


LISTO is a training program for Mexican public school employees: principals, supervisors, division heads, technical and technical-pedagogical support, and office staff, that provides personalized support in the development and practice of transformative leadership standards in the following areas:  

  • Academic Excellence
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • School Culture 
  • Personal Development

Through a combination of theoretical classes, practical training, and coaching, LISTO strives to train leaders to create effective learning environments that involve teachers, parents, and the community in improving learning outcomes.

Stories from the Field

All across Latin America, countless individuals are transforming their lives, their schools, and their communities.  Here are just a few of their stories.

    LISTO Proven Results 

    Educando has hired independent companies since 2009 to conduct comprehensive studies of our programs with teachers, parents, and students. The evaluations of VALORA showed that the LISTO program provides a more effective support for the principals, enabling practical skills applied in theoretical training and coaching.       

    2015 Impact Evaluation Results from BHR Consultores:

    • 84% of LISTO trained leaders consider the format of the program effective
    • LISTO helps schools improve their performance on standardized exams 
    • LISTO captures the attention and interest of the participants  
    • LISTO participants perform well and are committed, with a high level of completion rate of 75%, well above the Mexican average of 25%.

    2016 Impact Evaluation Results from George Washington University:

    • LISTO schools perform better than non-LISTO schools in Mexico’s National Assessment of Academic Achievement (ENLACE), a standardized exam administered to almost 15.7 million students. 

    The results of the impact evaluation in the internal processes GC Genera in 2018: 

    • LISTO participants claim satisfaction with the academic components and content of the diploma 
    • LISTO shows a tendency to train a larger number of women, which, in general terms, helps to close the gender gap in the professionalization of the education field. 

    Program Profile

    • Launched in 2009
    • Mexican States where we have a presence: 13
    • Participating Schools: 5,646
    • Trained principals: 4,447
    • Teachers reached: 72,125
    • Number of impacted students: 2,618,942

    Program Supporters

    Educando is thankful for the generous support for LISTO provided by:

    • The Maitri Trust
    • Tenaris Tamsa
    • The Cummins Foundation
    • Compartamos-Gentera
    • W.K. Kellogg Foundation
    • Fundación Coppel
    • González Family 
    • Misión XXI