LISTO trains and supports public school principals in Mexico in instructional, transformational, and organizational leadership. Through a combination of workshops and coaching, its goal is to foster leaders who create effective learning environments that involve teachers, parents, and the community in improving learning outcomes.

LISTO is a two-year, 257-hour, intensive course of study for 50 principals at a time, that combines theory, hands-on practice, and individualized monitoring. For every participant, LISTO creates a “leadership diagnostic” and measures the transformation of each principal’s leadership style throughout the program, evaluating the prevailing culture at each school in order to create a personalized intervention plan.

LISTO principals attend in-person workshops that provide training in strategic planning, best practices in school management, and transformative leadership. The principals also receive virtual and in-person individualized coaching and have on-site school visits. Through an online platform, they bridge theory and practice, evaluate their progress, and implement strategic plans. Through the online platform, they can communicate with other LISTO principals and share best practices. By partnering with the Department of Education, LISTO promotes the systematic change of the school management environment.

The LISTO program consistis of:

  • 1-week introductory course and retreat
  • In-person training
  • Virtual learning community
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • School visits and evaluations


Educando has contracted independent firms since 2009 to conduct comprehensive pre- and post-program studies with teachers, parents, and students. VALORA evaluations revealed that LISTO training clearly helps principals lead more effectively, by providing practical skills and follow-up coaching.

2015 Impact Evaluation Results from BHR Consultores:

  • 84% of LISTO trained leaders consider the format of the program effective
  • LISTO helps schools improve their performance on standardized tests
  • LISTO captures the attention and interest of its participants
  • LISTO participants perform well and are committed to graduating

2016 Impact Evaluation Results from The George Washington University:

  • LISTO schools perform better than non-LISTO schools on Mexico’s National Assessment of Academic Achievement (ENLACE), a standardized test administered to almost 15.7 million students.

Program profile

  • Launched in: 2009
  • Location: 13 states
  • Participating schools: 5,646
  • Trained principals: 4,447
  • Students impacted: 2,413,594

Program sponsors

Educando is thankful for the generous support for LISTO, provided by:

  • The Maitri Trust
  • Tenaris Tamsa
  • The Cummins Foundation
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Fundación Coppel