{:en}IAPE Trainers Corps 2017 program has begun{:}{:es}Nuevo programa IAPE Trainers Corps 2017, ha comenzado{:}{:br}O novo programa IAPE Trainers Corps 2017 começou{:}

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{:en}After a two-day intensive orientation class in Mexico City, English teachers from Mexico went to Dartmouth College, where they were housed in residence halls at Dartmouth College. Participants were introduced to dynamic language teaching techniques pioneered by world-renown language professor John A. Rassias, the creator of Rassias Method.

The program

The IAPE English Trainers Corps program has taken place over a two-week period in July. Participants began the experience with a two-day intensive orientation in Mexico City before traveling together to the USA, for 10 days at Dartmouth College, an Ivy League institution located in Hanover, New Hampshire. Each day includes seminars conducted by Dartmouth faculty and local educators. In addition to these interactive sessions, participants were introduced to seminars conducted by Dartmouth faculty members and other leading educators on such topics as language assessment, interdisciplinary instruction, mentoring, and working with children at risk.

Cultural activities and excursions round out the program. Over 75% of each participant’s program costs are covered by the program sponsors. The balance is covered by each teacher’s home institution or state authorities. Program costs include round trip transportation, housing, all meals, all instructional costs, all teaching materials, medical insurance, cultural activities and excursions, and U.S. visa fees when applicable.{:}{:es}Después de una clase de orientación intensiva de dos días en la Ciudad de México, profesores de inglés de México fueron a Dartmouth College, donde se alojaron en las residencias de Dartmouth College. 

Los participantes fueron introducidos a las técnicas dinámicas de enseñanza de idiomas iniciadas por el reconocido profesor de idiomas John A. Rassias, el creador del Método Rassias ®.

 {:}{:br}Depois de uma aula de orientação intensiva de dois dias na Cidade do México, professores de inglês do México viajaram para a Universidade de Dartmouth, onde ficaram hospedados.

Os participantes foram apresentados à técnicas dinâmicas de ensino de línguas iniciadas pelo professor de linguagem de renome internacional John A. Rassias, o criador do Método Rassias. {:}

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