Ronaldo Stern | Co-Chair of the Board & HStern

Tara Kenney | Co-Chair of the Board & TCK Global Advisors, CEO

Luanne Zurlo | Educando by Worldfund, Founder

Steve Shindler | Educando by Worldfund, Director

Cecilia Bilesio | TenarisTamsa

Mary Bourque | Glovista Investments, LLC, Managing Director of Sector Research

Denise Damiani | Denise Damiani Consulting, Director

Mark Denham | Hughes Hubbard & Reed, LLP, Partner

Pablo Garza Sada | Grupo Topaz, Corporate Affairs Office

Mimi Lichtenstein | Brownell Travel, Partner

Arturo López Martín | Cinepolis, Chief Investment Officer

Lisandro Miguens | JPMorgan, Head of Latin America Debt Capital Markets

Rosemary Schettini | Faculdade do Educador (Feduc), Director

Katherine Shea Westra | HSBC Securities USA, Director

Jane Winslow | Merrill Lynch, Retired

Susana Coppel | Fundación Coppel, President

Andrea Weichert | Ernst & Young, Former Partner

Valeria Gonzalez | Fundación Comunitaria Oaxaca A.C, President of the Board

Eduardo Deschamps | FURB – Universidade de Blumenau, University Professor


Kelly Maurice | Executive Director

Kelly was designated the Executive Director of Educando in January of 2016 after having held the role of Director of Educando Brazil since 2010.  Prior to that, Kelly maintained a 25-year international business development career at BankBoston, JPMorgan, and Royal Bank of Canada where she headed the corporate and institutional business for LATAM. Kelly is a US citizen living in São Paulo since 1991. In addition to her role at Educando, Kelly has maintained long-term volunteer leadership roles with charitable organizations and sits on several corporate and non-profit boards. Kelly holds a BA with a double concentration in Philosophy and Studies of Religion from the University of Michigan.


Rebecca Peltier | Annual and Online Giving Manager & Board Liaison

Rebecca joined Educando in 2018 bringing 10 years of development experience in the non-profit sector during which she had been focused on resource development and social media strategy, recurring giving, and grant writing. Early in her career, Rebecca served as the assistant director of a US-based school which specifically served Latin and South American students. That experience, combined with a year’s stay in Mexico, sparked her dedication to educational reform and advancement. Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science in Education, graduate studies in Education Administration, and attended the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy for coursework in proposal writing and grant management.


Consuelo Murillo | Director of ICAES Educando and Director of LISTO MAE

Consuelo joined Educando in 2012 after having graduated from the LISTO program. For over 10 years, Consuelo Murillo served in the Mexican elementary, secondary, and higher education fields in various capacities. She conducted research in innovation for the improvement of educational quality, sustainable, and environmental education. Consuelo co-authored the textbook entitled, Education for Sustainable Development, which is used in various graduate degree curricula. Consuelo holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and PhD in Education with emphasis in Constructivism and New Technologies.    

Maricruz Bourillon | Coordinator of Educantional Technology and Communications, LISTO MAE

Maricruz joined Educando in 2017 and has over nive years of experience in Learning Management Systems (LMS) platform management and development for online learning.  Maricruz holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy from Panamerican University with a Specialization in Education Innovation.

Lourdes Karen Torres | Academic Coordinator and Institutional Relations, LISTO MAE

Before joining Educando in 2017, Lourdes Karen worked as the Head of the Department of Networks and Projects of Educational Innovation at the National Polytechnic Institute.  Since 2014, she was a Teacher at Prepa en Línea-SEP.  Lourdes Karen has professional experience in teaching and pedagogical strategies, analysis, planning, design, development, and implementation of training actions, as well as in educational platforms. Lourdes Karen holds a Degree in Pedagogy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with a specialization in Virtual Learning Environments from the Teacher Education Institute of Virtual Educa, the Organization of Ibero-American States and the Center for Advanced University Studies.

Vivian Overholt | Administrative and Logistics Coordinator, LISTO MAE

Vivian joined Educando in 2019 as a Princeton in Latin America fellow. She previously held various roles in educational programming and support and participated in the US Foreign Service Internship Program which took her to Washington, DC, and Lisbon, Portugal to work primarily on program management. Vivian studied abroad in Cuernavaca and Puebla, Mexico, and received her BA from Wittenberg University in History, International Studies, and Spanish. 

Eduardo Flores | Senior Development Manager 

Eduardo joined Educando in 2017 as Educando’s Manager of the STEM in Mexico program.  During much of his career, he focused on the areas of science, education, technology, development, and innovation. Eduardo is adept at developing high-level relationships to promote public and private development, including the procurement of funds and strategic development work.  Eduardo worked to establish Research Centers in Mexico and Latin America and has been a researcher himself at numerous universities in Mexico, having worked with both municipal and state governments to promote systemic change in the education sector.  Eduardo holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management and Audits with a specialization in Natural Resource and Waste Management from Centro Panamericano de Estudios Superiores and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes and has completed the following Diploma Specializations: “Design and Project Management for Internationalization of Local Areas” from the Instituto Matías Romero y el Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José María Luis Mora, “Project Management from Local to Global” from Tecnológico de Monterrey and “Public Policies and Democratic Government” from Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE).

Diana Vales | Senior Finance & Operations Manager

Diana joined Educando in 2017 after previously having worked for fifteen years at the Hospital Español, with her last years acting as a Financial Administrator in the Oncology Unit. Diana graduated in 2011 with a Degree in Finance from the EBC School of Banking and Commerce in Mexico City. 

Karen Antonio | Accounting Coordinator

Karen Antonio joined Educando in 2017.  She had previous work experience in Administration and Finance from the Chartered Accountant Association and from two accounting firms and completed additional courses on Mexican financial reporting standards. Karen graduated as a Public Accountant from the National Polytechnic Institute.


Marcos Paim | Chief Technology Officer and Director of STEM Brasil and siSTEMa Educando 

Marcos Paim is the leading architect of Educando’s STEM Brasil and STEM Mexico programs.  Marcos is the Head Trainer and Coordinator of the Educando STEM trainers. Prior to joining Educando in 2009, Marcos worked at the Cognitive Studies Laboratory of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul State (LEC/UFRGS), where he trained teachers and managed educational projects for the Organization of American States and the Brazilian Ministry of Education. Marcos also managed educational projects for Grupo Positivo, the Technology Institute of Paraná, and for the Municipality of Curitiba. Marcos graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul with a concentration in Physics.

Anderson Sakuma | Manager, STEM Brasil and siSTEMa EDUCANDO in México

Sakuma was a Senior Trainer Consultant at Educando before officially joining the Educando team in 2018. He worked as a researcher at the LACTEC Institute and at the TECPAR Institute of Technology in Paraná in the area of Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on Effluent Treatment. Sakuma was a Professor and Coordinator of the renewable energies area at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of Paraná and a Senior Researcher at Geo Energy. Sakuma graduated from the Federal University of Paraná with a degree in Technology in Public Management, and from the Faculty of Education of Araucária with a degree in Technology in Environmental Management.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Material Sciences from the Federal University of Paraná.

Marcelo Diletti Carelli | STEM Brasil Trainer

Marcelo joined Educando in 2018. He has experience in engineering and bioenergy projects. Marcelo is proficient in graphic and mathematical software and computational tools and he has Green Belt Six Sigma training with critical knowledge in managing quality processes and tools.  Marcelo worked for 4 years as a consultant and in the final two years was a project leader.  Marcelo has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the State University of Maringá.

Igor da Silva Deggerone | STEM Brasil Trainer

Igor joined Educando in 2018 with the task of developing educational activities and as an instructional trainer. He has experience in electrical installations and residential automation that use microprocessor systems. Igor is an Electrical Engineer with a degree from the State University of Londrina.

Taciana Ziembowicz | STEM Brasil Trainer

Taciana joined Educando in 2021. Biologist, Specialist in Environmental Education, Master in Environmental Sciences and PhD in Geosciences (Germany). She worked as a teacher in elementary, high school and technical education. She worked as a biologist in the public sphere, working in the area of environmental management, environmental licensing, implementation of selective collection and control of solid waste and environmental education. Extensive experience in the scientific area, with a focus on his research in geoprocessing and georeferencing focused on Landscape Ecology and Ecology of the Riparian Zone.

Marília Gessa | Development Team Leader and Senior Development Manager – USA

Marília Gessa joined Educando in 2014 after having worked as a teacher for 8 years and as an editor for 5 years. Marília conducted Social and Educational Programs in several of São Paulo impoverished communities since 2006. Marília speaks Portuguese, French, and English and has both a Bachelors’s and a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and is a Brown University fellow.

Sean Hutchinson | Senior Development Manager 

Sean joined Educando in 2018 after over 30 years of experience, having initiated his career with the Hyatt Group in the US, then moved to HR Services in large multinationals such as Randstad, Manpower, and Adecco.  More recently he became engaged in the education sector.  Sean held business development and operations management roles in these organizations.  He serves on the volunteer Board of Directors of the American Society of São Paulo where he coordinates the Corporate Sponsorship Committee. In addition, Sean is an independent Board Member of Cultura Inglesa and of the Hospital Samaritano of São Paulo.  Graduated in Hospitality Management from Boston University, Sean has lived in Argentina, Venezuela, the USA, and now in Brazil.

Izabela Desgualdo | Finance & Operations Manager

Izabela joined Educando in 2016. Her professional experience includes seven years as a Financial Coordinator in several travel-related businesses. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism from Unibero and has completed a specialization course in Management and Entrepreneurship at Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) in São Paulo.

Maria Cecília Jurado | HR and Administrative Manager 

Maria Cecília joined the Educando team in 2017, bringing solid experience as an Executive Secretary in large multinational companies such as Eurofarma Laboratórios, Goodyear, Telecomunicações Intraco, and Sperry Vickers. Cecilia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from São Marcos University.

Lucas Lobo | IT Coordinator, Educando by Worldfund

Lucas joined Educando in 2017.  His professional experience includes four years in Database System Development, software installation, and configuration with an emphasis on the Moodle, Oxwall, and Tableau platforms. Lucas worked in technology companies and with the Barigui Automotive Group. He is completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Management at FACSUL.

Jean Cleber da Silva | Assistant, STEM Brasil

Jean joined Educando in 2018. Previously he worked as a Coordinator at the Government Contracts Research Center. Jean has 20 years of experience in the cosmetic industry in production engineering, as a Planner and Project Coordinator at Grupo O Boticário, and in the pharmaceutical company, Becton Dickinson, as a Planner.  Jean holds a degree in Business Administration from Faculdade SPEI.