{:en}LISTO’s methodology and results are shared outside Mexico’s borders{:}{:es}La metodología y resultados de LISTO se comparten fuera de las fronteras de México{:}{:br}A metodologia e os resultados do LISTO são compartilhados fora das fronteiras do México{:}

{:en}Nutresa Foundation Congress – Leading to Educate A crowded audience of teachers and education experts were able to learn about the training and accompaniment methodology of the LISTO program through the participation of Dolores González, Read more…

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{:en}Worldfund team members experience IAPE’s methodology through a Rassias® immersion in Portuguese{:}{:es}Equipo de Worldfund experimenta la metodología de IAPE a través de una inmersión Rassias® en portugués {:}{:br}Equipe da Worldfund vivencia a metodologia do IAPE através de uma imersão Rassias® em português {:}

{:en} What do you get when you bring together fifteen Worldfund leaders and three Rassias® Portuguese Instructors for six days in Mexico? Uninhibited language learning, deep collaboration, and lots of fun! The initiative enabled Worldfund’s Read more…

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